The Wealth Mindset Series

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[column-group][column]Spectrum 1 Limited is committed to the belief that any motivational seminar based on positive thinking will produce positive results. Positive Thinking is the mental “software” to optimize results. Positive Thinking stops you from settling for second best — in even the most stressful circumstances! These motivational seminars empower you to give yourself the best chance of achieving everything you want. They also enable you to examine undesirable responses to troublesome situations, and provide the mental “software” to resolve them most effectively.

It has also been acknowledged that the secret to financial success is to have a wealthy mindset and be prepared to work for it. Most people just expect success to happen, what they fail to realize is that success comes to those who make it happen. This doesn’t mean you need to necessarily work harder, just smarter.

It is common knowledge in the business world that generally the top 5% (the wealthy) have a different mindset to the remaining 95% of the population. This is quite often referred to as the wealthy mindset, which basically refers to the fact that wealthy people think and act differently to the general population.[/column][column]Are you willing to change your mindset so that in the years to follow you become one of the top 5%? If so, now is the time to act. Having a wealthy mindset is one thing, acting on it is another. Spectrum 1 Ltd is pleased to announce its empowerment series The Wealth Mindset – a series of seminars intended to open minds, to break paradigms of self-defeat, to empower the brand within each of us, and to place individuals hungry for success on the path to a wealthy mindset.

In these seminars, you identify the triggers and purpose of the beliefs that fuel your emotional turbulence and learn how to ask the best questions, obtain the best solutions and make the most of difficult situations. You define what the “best” means to you and what is most important in your personal/professional life. You gain essential information to optimize your thinking, and minimize unwanted emotional reactions, distractions and behaviors. You also:

  • Learn how the successful leverage the time and effort of others to assist them creating wealth
  • Learn more about how to create wealth
  • Learn how to work smarter and achieve personal and business wealth and success[/column][/column-group]

[column-group][column]Objectives of the Wealth Mindset Series

By the end of these down-to-earth motivational seminars, you will have:

  • identified the negative thinking that stops you from being your best
  • accepted what is out of your control and learned how to optimize what is within your control
  • the essential mental resource to be your best and make positive choices in any circumstance
  • learned how to function at your peak in business and personal relationships
  • learned how to minimize stress and maximize your daily activity
  • the mental “software” to maximize your resources, opportunities, productivity and success.[/column][column]Who Should Attend:
  • people who are not willing to settle for second best in their business and personal lives
  • people who would like the mental software for optimal success
  • CEOs, executives, large and small business owners, employees and entrepreneurs
  • people who wish to minimize stress and enjoy the best life has to offer[/column][/column-group]