What Every Artist Should Know


Intellectual property law is an essential element to most artistic works. While most artists are familiar with the terms copyright, trademark, and patent, confusion exists about their precise meanings. Copyrights extend to original, creative works that are fixed in a tangible form. Copyright protects works actually expressed — things on paper and lm — but does not extend to mere ideas. Common examples include literary works, music, dramatic works, choreography, pictures, graphic and sculptural works, motion pictures, sound recordings,…

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Recording Studio: Professional vs. Home


So….You’ve written some songs and your mom has confirmed they are amazing; so, you realize it’s time for the rest of the world to hear your masterpieces. That means it’s time to record your songs. In this article we will look at some of the pros and cons of recording your album in a home studio and a professional studio. Of course, each situation, person, and studio is different and therefore they may have ‘pros and cons’ that are…

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Finding the Right Recording Studio


So your songs are written, fully rehearsed and now it’s on to getting all of them recorded.  How do you go about choosing a studio to record them in?  Unless you have a considerable budget many top tiered pro-studios may be out of the question for most independent artists. But there is good news. There are thousands upon thousands of smaller studios that given a qualified recording engineer can pretty much deliver anything a pro studio can, absent the…

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