Potential clients can expect a team of innovative and easy-going professionals, committed to your success. Our producers do not simply press record and let you get on with it. We get involved and are passionate about our client’s music – that is how we make the difference. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our services even further and no product leaves the studio, without 100 per cent customer satisfaction. Here are snapshot resumes of the individuals who manage these processes!





Colvin E Blaize Chief Executive Officer

Colvin E Blaize
Chief Executive Officer

Colvin Blaize, as Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner of Spectrum 1 Entertainment, is focused on the corporate administration and marketing aspects of this company’s operations. With his business-partner, Ken “Booker” Hutchinson, as the musician-technical guru behind this studio, Blaize sees his primary role as the business strategist for Trinidad’s latest recording facility.

With a profound interest and some personal experience in the Arts, Blaize’s vision for Spectrum 1 goes far beyond its present configuration as an audio and video recording studio, with forward thinking preparing the facility for even more impressive productions in the not too distant future.[/column]

[column]Added to this is the conviction that there is much talent awaiting discovery and development in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as in the wider Caribbean.

Blaize says that what separates Spectrum 1 from others isn’t so much the gear list, but the intangible elements of commitment to nurturing talent and guaranteeing quality productions.“At the end of the day, ensuring that local and regional artistes have a quality platform and ultra-modern facility to demonstrate and capture their talent and art forms, is what it’s all about. It’s generally about being able to provide that link between talent and opportunity” he affirms.

Educated clients, purpose-built live and control rooms, and world-class recording gear are complemented by Spectrum 1’s collaborative approach to successfully producing digital and analog output of the highest calibre.[/column][/column-group]





Ken "Booker" Hutchinson Arranger/Producer/Musician

Ken “Booker” Hutchinson

Ken “Booker” Hutchinson and his Partner/Co-owner, Colvin Blaize, have injected a significant amount of time and energy into creating the perfect environment to nurture budding artistes and to harness the potential of all musicians and bands that enter the doors ofSpectrum 1 Entertainment. [/column]

[column]Committed to quality and diversity, they intend to capitalize on the abundance of musical creativity and talent in Trinidad and Tobago with a vision to take local music to the international stage, in a way it has not been done before.

Booker, as Ken is affectionately known, is the  executive producer, arranger, operator, co-owner of Spectrum1 Entertainment. He has a true passion for the studios and recording sector and has obtained a healthy knowledge of the industry as the owner of KHB Studios (11years) and former musical director for the band Blue Ventures (18 years). Ken has earned considerable notice for his work on a rich assortment of projects with many renowned artistes, producers and engineers.[/column][/column-group]